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What does an apprentice do?

The apprentice will learn the Trade by working with an experienced Journey Worker. The work itself will vary from day to day. Electricians work in all kinds of weather, inside and outside. You could be digging a ditch, handling heavy conduit, pulling heavy cable, or climbing in the steel. On another, day you could be running small conduit and pulling small wire for lights and receptacles, or trying to find out why a motor doesn’t run when the start button is pushed. The variety of work you may be expected to perform, and the weather and other conditions under which you may be expected to perform it, are almost limitless. The work is usually physical, often dirty, and it usually requires that you use your mind at the same time.

Is there an age requirement to apply for an apprenticeship at IRJATC?

Yes. You must be 17 years old at the time you apply for the program and 18 years old at the time of registration.

What are the residency requirements to apply for an electrical apprenticeship?

You must be a US Citizen or have the right to work in the US. You will need to supply a copy of your birth certificate at the time of application.

What is the Iron Range Electrical JATC?

The Iron Range Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is a jointly sponsored electrical training program whose governing committee is made up of four members from the International Brother hood of Electrical Workers Local #294 and the Twin Ports Arrowhead Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

What level of education is required to apply for an electrical apprenticeship?

You need to be at least a High School Graduate, have a GED, or in lieu of those, have a two year Associate Degree or higher.

Are there any Math requirements necessary to apply?

Yes. You will need to provide verification of 1 year of High School Algebra, Tech Math, or a post high school equivalent on transcript showing a passing grade. If you are submitting a Tech Math course, you will need to supply a course description.

Will I need Educational Transcripts with my application?

Yes, they are required and must be submitted with your completed application.

Can I have my transcripts mailed to the Iron Range JATC to be put with my application?

No. We recommend having your school send that information directly to you and then submitting a copy to the Apprenticeship Office.

Are there any fees required to apply for an electrical apprenticeship?

Yes. There is $25 non-refundable application fee if applying in person, or $26.50 to apply online. This goes to covering the cost of the General Aptitude Test.

What is the duration of the Inside Wireman apprenticeship program?

The Inside Wireman apprenticeship is 5 years in duration and will consist of a minimum of 8000 hours on the job training for the commercial/industrial apprenticeship. In addition to the work hours, a minimum of 180 hours per year in the classroom for five years for commercial/industrial. The training will be conducted in accordance with Standards registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor. Upon completion of these requirements you are eligible to take the appropriate state Journeyman Wireman exam for your license.

What is the timeline for an applicant to be accepted into an electrical apprenticeship?

This is not a “fast” or “quick” process. We accept applications through the last Friday in December and all supporting documents must be in the office the last Friday in January. We generally hold the aptitude tests on the last Monday of February. Our applicant interviews are held in March or April, with apprentices being indentured, or brought in to the program, in May. Holidays, economic conditions and the need for apprentices in the electrical industry also affect this process.

What is the General Aptitude Test?

The General Aptitude Test Battery is a 3-hour test that measures the applicant’s abilities in Algebra and Reading Comprehension which are essential to perform well as an electrician. Extensive research and actual Journeyman experience data was employed into the development of this test which is sanctioned by the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

What are the steps to be taken for acceptance into an electrical apprenticeship?
  1. Qualifying application.
  2. Qualifying Aptitude Test score.
  3. Completion of the Oral Interview.
  4. Posting to the ranked list of applicants for the apprenticeship applied for.
What is the “ranked list” of applicants?

This is the list of all candidates who qualify for an electrical apprenticeship based on their oral interview scores.

What will it cost to take the classes needed for the electrical apprenticeship?

If accepted in an electrical apprenticeship you will qualify for a scholarship that will cover your classes and books.

What if I am accepted and indentured into the program and decide that I want to leave?

Per Minnesota statute, the first 500 hours (approximately one year) of your indenture are probationary – you can quit, or the Committee can cancel your indenture without any more formality than a letter of notice. You may be required to repay a portion of the cost of your education to that date. Each apprentice signs a Scholarship Loan Agreement stating that his or her educational cost shall be paid back to the JATC in the event they should leave the apprenticeship program.

Where will I be working after I’m assigned to a Contractor?

You will be working in the IBEW Local 294 Geographical jurisdiction. Please see map.

Where will I attend apprenticeship classes?

Apprentice classes are held at Hibbing Community College, September through May.  Class days vary by instructor.

Will I be working during my apprenticeship?

Yes. You will be assigned to work for a contractor within the geographical area of Local Union 294.

If I become an electrical apprentice will I be working 40 hours every week?

Yes, you should be working 40 hours a week. Unfortunately, in the construction trades, there is no guarantee of a 40 hour work week due to weather, scheduling conflicts on the job site, or other outside factors.  Employment also depends on how much work is available within the jurisdiction.

Are apprentices eligible for health insurance and retirement pensions?

All apprentices are covered under the same health insurance and retirement pensions as the Journey Worker. The health insurance is a comprehensive plan that includes eye & dental and prescription drug co-payments. The retirement pensions include (1) International pensions and (2) Local pension.