Welcome to LLMCC

1The LLMCC (Local Labor Management Cooperation Committee) is a group of members of IBEW #294 / NECA and employers represented by the Twin Ports Arrowhead Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors. These two groups have a common interest to promote the unionized electrical industry by working together as a team to promote the industry. Our goal of the IBEW294-NECA is to:

1. To improve communications between representatives of Labor and Management

2. To provide workers and employers with opportunities to study and explore new and innovative joint approaches to achieving organizational effectiveness

3. To assist workers and employers in solving problems of mutual concern not susceptible to resolution within the collective bargaining process

4. To study and explore ways of eliminating potential problems which reduce the competitiveness and inhibit the economic development of the electrical construction  industry

5. To sponsor programs which improve job security, enhance economic and community development, and promote the general welfare of the community and industry

6. To engage in research and development programs concerning various aspects of the industry, including, but not limited to, new technologies, occupational safety and health, labor relations, and new methods of improved production

7. To engage in public education and other programs to expand the economic development of the electrical construction industry

8. To enhance the involvement of workers in making decisions that affect their working lives

9. To engage in any other lawful activities incidental or related to the accomplishment of these purposes and goals